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Fashlets is an official licensee of Realtree camouflage patterns. As the preferred brand of camouflage gear for hunters since 1986, Realtree topped our list of choices while assembling our camouflage collection. Our collection includes the core Realtree AP, APG, and MAX patterns, as well as the highly popular pink-camo series featuring a pink camouflage fabric. If you take up hunting or some other woodland hobby, our Realtree camo handbags is a great way to bring out your outdoorsy side with a fashion accessory. For everyone else, the fashion world has long decided that camouflage is just a beautifully intriguing and trendy style, and few in the world make the pattern better than Realtree. The camouflage collection at Fashlets currently includes both Realtree purses and Realtree wallets.