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Dasein® Classic Handbags
The Dasein Classic collection includes the very first handbags designed here at Fashlets. As an original collection, Dasein classic handbags are some of the finest in the brand and among all Fashlets products, whether in craftsmanship, style, or versatility. The collection comprises of several style series. Fans of weave textures will love our Wesen® series distinguished by their neatly checkered patterns. Those looking for a luxurious feel may go for our Krokodil® handbags, featuring vegan crocoskin that looks strikingly authentic. The Eigenwelt® series will delight suede lovers who are looking for a much more affordable and non-animal alternative to the real thing, yet still retain the richly soft and matte finish of genuine suede. If you're looking for something sleek and sophisticated to take into the office, look no further than the Kosmos® series of briefcase-like satchels, characterized by elegantly chic exteriors combined with beautifully organized interiors. We'll leave the rest of the collection, including Metaphysik®, Worldhood®, Umwelt®, Mitwelt®, Existenz®, for you to explore. For more information about the Dasein brand as well as the origins of its style series, click here.